Schwoegler Remodeling we are a best choice 4 remodeling. We can do Whole House Remodels too! In fact Whole House Remodels was our First Job with a realtor company, Check out our work: We can do the demo, Framing work, Drywall, Texturing, Painting, Sub-flooring, Flooring of any kind you want, tile flooring, tile shower walls, backsplash tile, Cabinets, Vanity's, Trim, Windows, Doors, Closets, Lights, Fans, Kitchen cabinets, Countertops, Hanging microwaves, Dishwashers, Garbage disposels, Registers, Putting blinds up, Cabinet handles, Building stairs, Siding , Building new rooms or taring them out, toliets, sinks, you name it we can do it all! It is amazing to gut a house apart completely and watch your work bloom into a beautiful place! Here are the house Remodels we have done so far. 


We did Demo,drywall threw out the place, Tile all the flooring, shower walls tile, Trim, closets, doors, putting it all back together!

  Hermina st. Madison,Wisconsin

We did Demo,drywall, texturing, painting, bathroom, remodel, kitchen remodel, Trim, Doors, cleaned up outside of house! 

   Pardeville, Wisconsin

 We did Demo, Drywall, sub-flooring, trexturing, painting, Trim, Doors, closets, Kitchen remodel, tile flooring, Two bathroom remodels, & putting house all back together the odds and ends!  

Lodi's Remodel did Backsplash tile

    East Washington Madison,Wisconsin

We did Demo,framing, drywall, Both Bathroom shower walls & Tile flooring, Kitchen tile flooring, Hung microwave, Put in Appliances, putting in three windows! Helped assist brother with butcher countertops, Kitchen cabinets, Re-do hard wood flooring, and some trim.

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